Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Simpson's Defense Team Inspired Republicans

As a tribute to the late Dominick Dunne, I've been rereading his excellent novel/memoir about his time covering the O.J. Simpson trial, called, "Another City, Not My Own."
Having watched the Simpson criminal and civil trials from gavel to gavel, I found Dunne the one reporter whose views were closest to mine. In fact, I never disagreed with any of his statements.

In rereading the book, all the dormant anger and resentment I felt toward the smarmy defense team came back to life.
And it dawned on me, today's Republican party consists of hoards of politicians with the same slimy style and lack of scruples as Team O.J..

With this health care legislation, they have lied, cajoled and manipulated the facts, and recited them with such brutal repetition, they remind me exactly of the Simpson defense team.

Emboldened by excessive media coverage, it seems the Republicans are trying to out crazy each other. They're stirring up the ignorant masses and they don't consider the consequences. They speak of the Second Amendment as if it's Biblical; they encourage their constituency to openly pack heat, disrupt town hall meetings, depict Obama as a devil, a foreigner, Islamic...you know the drill, anything goes.

Bottom line, Republican politicians consider their Democratic colleagues enemies, not only enemies, but evil, racist, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, and the piece de resistance, Nazis.

Emboldened by excessive media coverage, the Simpson defense team also amped up the drama as the case neared its end.
Who can forget Johnny Cochran wearing the blue wool cap? Or Barry Scheck torturing Dennis Fung? Or F. Lee Bailey using the word "nigger" a dozen times when he had Mark Fuhrman on the stand, to the point where most of the jurors were ready to attack. Remember the glove? How about Cochran rapping to the jury:
"If the glove don't fit
you must acquit
If you think he did it
You don't know shit"

No wonder I'm always angry about politics--this is the goddamn Simpson trial all over again. And Obama is acting like Christopher Darden.


Fran said...

It all makes me sick. I am however glad to hear of our shared love of Dunne and his take on things.

Fran said...

They sure did exploit the art of * distraction spin* in that trial- to the point it was a circus.
The race card
The shrunken bloody glove card

It is a fair parallel, this point you make how they have employed every distraction, to really just steer away from the facts & the truth.

The truth about:

• How the current "system" makes CEO's wealthy.

• How denying you care increases their profit margin.

• How it is currently legal for insurance companies to work in collusion- setting prices, and guidelines in regions, creating a monopoly in their own favor.

• How much money they are giving politicians to be on their side, and vote in their favor.

• By being divided, we lose group buying power and leverage to demand better.

I wish Ted Kennedy were still with us to deliver that message. To Roar out---
Don't listen to these lies and distractions.
Go look at how much money Senator Grassley has taken from the insurance industry.
He is not looking out for YOU.

I hate that there has been no journalistic integrity- or requirement to substantiate
the claims- the death panels, the government taking over your life, communist Russia... fear & loathing.

If they repeat the lies often enough, they are assumed to be true.


Dusty said...

Johnny Cochran's rap was a trip. WOnder if ole Johnny made it to heaven or if St.Pete told him after that display his heaven card was pulled? ;p

Karen Zipdrive said...

Sad that he died such an agonizing death.
But at least he didn't get nearly decapitated while his kids were upstairs sleeping.

nonnie9999 said...

the simpson trial was the beginning of so-called reality tv. it pointed out to the world that the united states is no longer about talent or law or principles. it's all about putting on a show and making believe that it's real.

Helen Wheels said...

Do me a favor, because my readership is down, I'm trying to spruce up the quality of comments and - with all due respect, your odd & inane drivel isn't helping. Please consider not coming back.

I think everybody is pretty sick of conspiracy driven loonies.

Dusty said...

Oh look KZ, Helen's little troll has stopped by your blog!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Troll? I prefer to think of him as a "female impersonator."

Dusty said...

Touche' KZ! ;)

HelenWheels said...

Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!! And a frumpy female impersonator at that!

I followed the Simpson trial really closely, as well, and just like you, KZD, was pissed off as hell half the time that the circus tricks seemed to be working. I didn't know of Dunne at the time, sure wish I had.

It is exactly the same tactics the rethug party uses - the distract, put on a show, use soundbytes, etc. Indeed, no wonder we're annoyed out of our skulls.

And yes, Obama is acting like Christopher Darden.

I had forgotten about F. Lee Bailey & Furman... ugh.