Sunday, September 20, 2009

Turns Out I Kind of Like This Kid

If appearing as Kathy Griffin's date at some awards show wasn't enough to make me like Levi Johnston, his first-person account of life with the Palins in the October issue of Vanity Fair won me over.
The kid's 19, and what small town boy that age wouldn't want to glom on to the sudden perks of being plunged into the national spotlight, just because he knocked up an ex governor's daughter?
In the Vanity Fair piece, he didn't make outlandish claims about Sarah Palin or her family, he just made some casual observations that, perhaps inadvertently, exposed Sarah Palin as the phony piece of shit she is.
The sudden fame and perks of being selected as Grandpa McCain's running mate went to her head, is that so hard to believe?
She grew to love the free clothes, fancy hotels and room service as much as she loved the blind adoration of crowds even less sophisticated than she.
She returned to Alaska from the lower 48, crestfallen over McCain's loss.
She missed the perks, the big city lights, the media coverage and the attention.
How hard is it to believe she found returning to the drab governorship of America's equivalent of Siberia a dreadful denouement?
Levi Johnston is no idiot and he harbors no illusions of being extraordinary.
He simply sees himself in the enviable position of being a hot flavor of the month, and he wants to ride the tide as long as he can make it last.
Modeling? Sure, he's attractive enough--if you like that type.
A reality show? Why not, it's not like they require dignity or anything.
Acting? If Eric Estrada and Keanu Reeves were good enough for Hollywood...
What impressed me most about this kid was when he said he never wants to be a deadbeat father, and if pimping himself for big bucks helps him provide better for his kid, then who am I to fault him?
I really don't mind anyone as long as they aren't hypocrites or phonies like Sarah Palin.
Had she presented herself as just a small town girl without all the phony Christian ideals, fake family values and the obvious addiction to fame and glory, I might have even ended up liking her.
When Levi Johnston's name first hit the public, I lined up behind all the other gleeful lefties to point out his obvious shortcomings. He was young, dumb and full o' cum. He liked to shoot things, he was a self-professed redneck and bragged that he'd fuck you up if you crossed him.
But now that I see he's still the same guy and neither apologizes for it nor tries to pretend he's suddenly someone else, I can respect that.
Sarah Palin could have learned something from observing this kid's accurate and enduring self concept.
He has something she'll never have. He's for real.


nonnie9999 said...

he's just a big dumb kid who knows he's a big dumb kid who didn't want to be in the spotlight. since it was forced upon him, why not make the most of it? he doesn't sound vindictive, just honest. his ex-almost-mother-in-law sounds just the opposite.

Fran said...

Only thing about him (my motherly side) wants him to not get caught up in the glitzy glam of the spotlight & get his high school diploma.

dguzman said...

Who among us would turn down a shot at easy money? And if he uses it for his kid, then that much the better.

And you're right -- at least he never presented himself as something he wasn't. I may not like big dumb redneck kids, but I HATE big dumb redneck people who try to pass themselves off as viable candidates for the highest offices in the land.

Dusty said...

I love your label for this post. ;)

I read it whilst I was in Sandy Eggo for ten fun-filled days. I am kidding about the fun of course as I was tending to my yuppie sista from hell after her latest hand surgery

bigsis said...

I like him too, always have. He reminds me of Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies. Big ole dumb hot guy.

Karen Zipdrive said...

He's totally Jethro.
And he's lucky it didn't pan out with him and his baby mama.
I predict that she will not age well.
He can hit either coast and make it big as a hunky bumpkin model.

HelenWheels said...

Everything he says sounds spot on for the type of person Palin is, which is a vindictive, ego-driven, sociopathic nutjob.

I bet he can't stand her.