Thursday, September 03, 2009

Freedom of Speech: Only for the Right?

My big brother Billy is a small town Texas guy; some might even call him a good old boy. Unlike 90 percent of the men in the area where he lives, he's a laid back Democrat who believes in live and let live.
Recently, Billy had to drive into Marble Falls to buy something at Walmart. He couldn't find a clean T-shirt to wear, so he fished around in his drawer and found one with Che Guevara on the front of it.
Once he got to Walmart, he observed a tall guy glaring at his shirt. As he made his way through the aisles, the guy would appear again, still staring.
They both checked out at the same time, and as they wheeled their carts to their vehicles, the guy spoke to Billy.
"Is that Che Guevara on your shirt?"
"Yep, he's one of my heroes," my brother replied.
"Yeah, well, he sure looked good as the receptacle for a bullet in his head."
Billy replied, "I could say the same for Bush."
Then my brother scampered to get in his truck, lest the redneck try to kick his ass.
There was a time in America when people could express themselves any way they wanted without risking a threat to their physical safety.
Even in Texas, we could be assured that rednecks might say shitty things to us, but they'd never do anything beyond that.
Now, we on the left have to really consider our safety when we express ourselves.
I frequently drive the IH-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin. I have an Obama-Biden sticker on my back window.
More than once I've been passed by a redneck in a truck, mouthing the hateful phrase, "nigger lover" and shooting the finger as he sped past.
Obama is set to speak to American school children next Tuesday, giving them a pep talk about getting good grades, etc.
Several parents across America have complained, saying his address was 'too political' and should not be allowed in schools.
Political? Really?
This national unrest reminds me of the late 60's, when the lefties were making all the noise.
We ended the war, legalized freedom of choice and made strides in civil rights and women's rights.
We did it then, and we can do it again. Are you ready?


bigsis said...

If you ask one of these idiots specifically why they're against health care reform, Che Guvara, all muslim, etc they don't give a rational response, they just spit out some stupid, untruthful response. They just live to hate someone, or some thing.

Dusty said...

Big Sis is right..its hate=based bullshit. No logic, just hate.

Now, we on the left have to really consider our safety when we express ourselves. ~ I live in the reddest county in Cali..woman you have no idea. I have been accosted at the Supermarket, gas station, all forms of public places over things I wear or things I carry, or just something I said to someone else.

When I started an expose on our fuckwitted DA's office..I got death threats..seriously, I did. My computer got the only virus it has ever had then as well.

I couldn't put an Obama sign in our front yard because the ball n' chain said we would get firebombed and he wasn't kidding me..he was scared to death.

The left has more intelligence that the rightwing nutters. Violence just for violence sake is not in our agenda..

But it sure the fuck is for the ignorant bastards on the right..hell, they don't even have to be EXTREME right anymore. They feel empowered because the news loves to promote their fuckery.

I will still stand up for my beliefs and my right to speak truth to power.

If I have to carry my gun to do fucking be it. Bring it on you fucking losers.

Dusty said...

I must clean ye ole pistol..I might need it soon since it hasn't been used since the last time I fired off a round at husband number two. ;)

Iain said...

Is it an American, Texas, male, or right-wing thing to feel so ready to comment on somebody's T-shirt in such an openly intimidatory way? Where does the sense of entitlement to air an unwanted, unprovoked and aggressive threat come from? Not a hint of embarrassment at creating a confrontation from nothing? Did the possibility that Billy might be as unhinged as the moron ever register in his brain, with the possibility of a physical fight ensuing? I assume it did (not sure if that's optimistic or pessimistic?), and that he was very ready to go there.

I can't even think of the right questions for answers as to how these people can be so warped. Scary and depressing.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Iain, it's really gotten worse since the Bush administration. The radical right was empowered by Bush and Dick's "bring it on" macho man crap, then electing a black man has really tipped people over the edge.
Along the way, Sarah Palin and Mr. bomb, bomb Iran made the situation worse.
I sense that something serious will happen to bring it all to a head. Seriously.

Distributorcap said...

first - when Reagan spoke to school kids, he actually spoke about TAX CUTS! i guess that isnt political

second - it has gotten worse since Nov - but not becuase of the senile senator and twat from alaska - it is pure unadulterated racism

these people hate a black man in office. my gut is it is even worse than if hillary had one

Karen Zipdrive said...

One reason I wanted Hillary to win was that I knew a Black guy would threaten all the white guys with the big guns and tiny penises.
It all boils down to penis size.
Ignorant? Yes, but a lot of ignorant righties hate Black men because of it.

HelenWheels said...

That fucking redneck had some nerve.

I've come to the conclusion that facts no longer matter. Chris Hedges wrote a great article about that a few weeks ago. You can't reason with these freaks, so why even try? We need to steamroll them back into oblivion - people this crazy should never, EVER, in any society be given the legitimacy they have. The MSM is to blame, they do it for ratings and corporate control. Period. And they will keep doing it, because if something happens to the president, or the country devolves into another civil war, they'll be able to sensationalize that, too.

We have to find a way to start fighting back. I'M fucking READY, KZD.

And I loved your brother's retort. Good on him.