Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Ai yi yi!

In 11 days Aviva will be here and I am starting to get my biggest ducks in a row.
My big brother is coming down from Austin today to fix my pesky 220 wiring and that means I'll get to be his assistant.
I have selected the perfect hardware store outfit and shoes so I can swagger around the hardware store, acting like I know what I'm doing. Bro will pick something out and I'll say, "Yep, that looks about right to me."
Then on Friday, the roofers will be here to start ripping off old shingles and putting on a new roof. Nothing like a crew of four neanderthals pounding on the roof all day to make for a productive workday.
I bought new hypoallergenic pillows because down feathers make Aviva sneeze and talk like Lisa Loopner from SNL. I tried one out last night and it was like sleeping on a bag of cement. That won't do.

In the news this morning, I see the U.S. has finally come out and said it to Iraq, "You use chemical weapons (gas) on us and we will nuke you."
While I hate the thought of going to war, I think this bold threat might help remind that clown Saddam that we are the biggest bad ass country on earth and we can level his crappy little state if we are pushed.
I'd much rather see the U.S. rattle their sabres than use them.
Yesterday on the news I saw a feature on teachers in Saudi Arabia, adult males teaching young males. They tell their students that Al Qaida is a noble organization and that the United States is evil.
Some of their textbooks even say that Jews must be killed and Israel must be eradicated. This is coming from our "ally" Saudi Arabia.
Saudi government officials waffled and claimed that these teachers and textbooks are not the norm. Bullshit. The Saudi government segregates classrooms so only the boys receive the bulk of the education. They force women to cover themselves like mummies and allow gay people to be stoned to death. Are we to believe they don't have any control over curriculum? Please.

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