Tuesday, December 03, 2002


I got my prosperity shit together years ago, thanks to Louise L. Hay and her excellent book, "You Can Heal Your Life."
I know God wants us all to prosper, and that poverty is just another way we tell ourselves we aren't deserving.
I am usually financially carefree and solvent, making good money to pay for things that bring me comfort and pleasure. I'm by no means rich, but I do have a comfortable life that allows me a lot of freedom.
Lately, the material world has conspired to test those values.
My property tax bill landed with a thud.
My roof has reached the critical mass stage. Massive rainstorms over the last several months have taken their toll. It's time.
My mother had to move and setting her up in a new place called for additional expenses nobody was anticipating.
Now my very sound and reliable Acura has developed a new wrinkle. Seems after I drove to Austin this weekend, she started leaking antifreeze on my brother's pristine black driveway. So, I refilled the little reservoir, said a prayer, checked it on the way home and had no overheating problems. No leakage when I got home, either.
Then yesterday, I went on a 20 mile round trip errand and found leakage again.
Last night, I went to the post office real quick and early morning rains may or may not have rinsed away any additional leakage.
Anna wants to have lunch today at Whole Foods. I simply told her if I don't show up, the radiator failed me. I am not going to be scared into staying off the roads, because I know I'll be okay regardless of what may occur. If the car starts overheating, there are tow trucks available.
So that's it. I'll take the car in tomorrow and hope for the best. I love my mechanic and trust him implicitly.
If it's a new radiator, I'll just be thankful for VISA and Mastercard trusting me enough to allow me to get it fixed.
When bills mount and resources are strained, it's just the Universe telling me something is out of balance and needs to be tended to, so that's where I'll put my energy.
I believe that in testing our core beliefs, they are only strengthened. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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