Friday, December 20, 2002


Last night I called Aviva to discuss the end of Survivor.
It was late so we didn't stay on long.
After we hung up, I tried to read a little in bed, but the jackass neighbor across the street and two houses east had his Tejano music on so loud it was vibrating my windows.
I laid there doing a slow burn until 11:45, then I dialed 911 to make a disturbing the peace complaint.
This morning I awakened early, and since it's an hour later in Montreal, I called to say good morning to A.
I speed dialed but the phone didn't make the connection so I punched in her number.
We spoke briefly, but as we spoke I heard the call waiting beep. I didn't answer it because there's no reason for anyone but her to call me before 6 a.m.
After we spoke I turned off the bedside lamp and planned to catch a few more Z's.
As I lay there, I saw a bright flash through the living room window. I still had electricity, so I ignored it and closed my eyes. Then there was a loud rap at the door.
I went to the front door and asked who it was.
"Police Officer."
I opened the door and there stood a cute little cop.
Seems I had speed dialed 911, they had tried to call me back and when they got no answer...well, you get the picture.
So now I am awake and this is how my day started.

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