Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Speaking of Haiku...

I forgot that I do haiku when I've nothing much to say. Therefore...

Winter is here now
I have to wear thick T-shirts
And long pants, as well

My kitties are bored
They gallop wild through the house
Like tiny Clydesdales

Drizzling outside now
I have a brand new roof though
Drizzle, bust a move!

Aviva, my love
Four days left to wait for her
Patience really sucks

So much left to do
Yet here I sit, blogging stuff
And drinking coffee

The kitties shed fur
And Aviva's allergic
Time to vacuum them

Come here, little James
Let Mama Hoover your fur
HEY! Don't hiss at me

Bart! Here, kitty boy
Let Mama Hoover you too
Oh no! My cat puked

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