Saturday, December 14, 2002

Thanks, God

Ahhh, such bliss. A brand new, perfect roof in a nice shade of sage green, clothes spinning in the dryer, a furnace that works and a beautiful woman who's coming to see me in 8 days.
The heating guy of course told me I needed a new unit but I told him just find out what's wrong with this one and fix it. So he cleaned it up, it worked fine and I got out for only $45.
Alas, he was not so lucky. As he went to leave, his van's drive shaft fell out. Yes, it fell out with a thud on the street below. Poor guy was stuck in front of my house waiting to be towed for five hours. He declined my offer to come in and watch ESPN, but I did give him some bottled water, fruit, an energy bar and some almonds. He was a nice guy and he smelled good, like spray starch.
The roofing guy was nice, too. I have convinced him he needs a logo, a brochure and a corporate identity, along with exterior signage and a few other tidbits. The cost should run- oh, about the same as the roof cost me. :)
Today I have to venture out and forage for goods. I have to go to Borders to get my main client a gift certificate and myself a Scrabble Player's dictionary, since Aviva's coming and she's addicted to kicking my ass at the game. In the 50 or so games we've played online, I have won exactly two of them.
The weather today is simply gorgeous. It's a bright, sunny day with temperatures expected to climb into the lower 70's. It'll be a great car detailing day.
So that's my haircut blog for today.
Enjoy your day, and be careful out there.

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