Thursday, December 12, 2002

Oy Freakin' Vey

Yesterday my brother Billy and I worked for 7 hours trying to untangle the mystery of 220 wiring. It turns out Robert, my dearly departed handyman, had jerry rigged the ground wire to the left thing and the left thing to the ground wire hole and the leaky roof may or may not have caused some contacts in the breaker box to foul or something.
All I know is, we had to go to two electrical stores (talk about boring shopping) and get two plug-in circuit things that cost me 69 fuckin' bucks.
We also had to switch some things around so the 220 for the air conditioner is now the 220 for the dryer, so come summer I'll have to get everything re-re-wired. But my dryer works, and that's all I wanted.
After all that manual labor all day, I was exhausted and dazed. My brother has the stamina of a pack mule.
That evening, the weather started getting chilly and my heater was not coming on. I turned the thermostat higher and it still didn't kick in, all night. The pilot light is on, but something between that and the thermostat doesn't work anymore.
Oh goody, another service call.
Meanwhile, the roofers are slated to come tomorrow and of course we are having a torrential rainstorm today.
James the Sensitive One is apparently afraid of men now, because when Billy arrived first he started hiding, then he emerged and started puking. He puked on the kitchen floor and Billy walked right through it. Men are far less aware of what they do to freshly mopped kitchen floors.
So let's review. This month: new electrical work, new roof, new radiator on my car, property tax bill and Mom's retirement home relocation costs. Add to that the cost of a new mouse for my computer, whatever the heater costs to fix and I have basically blown around $3,800, all in one month. Ouch.
After all that, I still feel great.
Aviva will be here in 10 days, and I won't remember a thing about the rest of this month.

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