Friday, December 20, 2002

Trent Lott Resigns Leadership Spot

A racist Republican? Whhaat?
The dude's white, Republican and from Mississippi. What were they expecting, Dianne Finestein? Of course he's gonna slip if he goes off script and speaks from his heart, which as we all know by now is lily white.
This is as silly as the GOP convention, where they brought in more black acts than a Motown Review.
Look at the fucking legislation over the last 100 years. The last decent Republican vis a vis racial equality was Abraham Lincoln.
Anyone who feigns shock at Trent Lott showing his true colors is either naive, delusional or just dumb as hell.
Do I think he should have stepped down from his senate majority spot?
No! I didn't think he was anything but what he was anyway, one more white boy wanting to keep the nigras and uppity wimmen in their places.
They'll just replace him with another GOP wasp male who hasn't yet made an accidental racist remark. At least we knew Lott was likely a racist bastard.
Now we'll just have to deal with another stealth honky.

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