Monday, December 16, 2002

The Cocktail Party

When Aviva gets here, we are planning a very small cocktail party so she can meet some of my closest friends.
We've been going around and around trying to decide what to serve and we've finally come up with a theme. Please add any snacks we've missed.

-Hors D'ourves Porcupine
Wrap a grapefruit in foil, set on plate and spear with Vienna sausage chunks, Velveeta squares, rolled up cold cuts and green olives with pimentos. Garnish with parsley.
-Chex Mix
-Frito Pie in individual Frito bags
-Rack of Spam
-Spray on Cheeze with Ritz crackers
-Jell-O Mold
-Fruit cocktail, mandarin orange and Cool Whip ambrosia
-Whitman's sampler chocolates
-Celery and peanut butter
-Moon Pies and Little Debbie snack cakes
-Rice Krispie treats with holiday red and green M&Ms
-Tuna Surprise Casserole with mushroom soup and crushed potato chips
-Melted Velveeta and Ro-Tel tomatoes served with tortilla chips.

-Boxed White Zinfandel wine
-Lone Star beer
-Assorted Shasta sodas

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