Monday, December 02, 2002

I've Gone Boring.

Sheesh. I am starting to bore myself.
All I think about lately is eating right, exercising and getting ready for Aviva's visit by trying to remove any vestige of allergens from my dust and kitty fur insulated domicile.
I am sleepwalking through work. Luckily my editor is, too.
My glucose levels are almost normal now. I can't fucking believe it. When I no longer need meds at night, I am going to tell that doctor this crap can be put into remission, and I plan to wag my finger in the process. My next appointment is in January. By then I plan to be within perfectly normal glucose range.
Harry Potter's first movie runs on HBO about three times a day. I am addicted to it. I can't keep from watching it. I've seen it at least 12 times already.
Uh oh, it's time to go. I have a dozen sugar free Jelly Bellys coming to me and the Harry Potter movie just started. Again.

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