Saturday, December 07, 2002

Blog Salad™

In lieu of cleaning the cats' bedroom, vacuuming the house, scrubbing the bathtub or cleaning my car, it's time to toss another Blog Salad.™

-Here are the 10 most unsafe cities in the United States, according to a study:
St. Louis, Detroit, Atlanta, Gary IN, Baltimore, Camden, NJ, Compton, CA, Flint MI, Tampa and Jackson, MS.
I have been to St. Louis, Atlanta, Camden and Compton. Camden and Compton scared me the most. They take that 'boys in the hood' shit seriously in those locales.
If I were President, I'd find the money to rehab those 10 cities and provide their citizens with affordable child day care, education incentives, vocational training, real jobs and decent housing. It's a disgrace the way our government allows cities to rot.

-Dubya has not mentioned Osama bin Laden publicly since June. Now that we know he's still alive, how did Teflon George get by with this? Osama masterminded the 9-11 massacres. He's still the worst enemy America has. I wish he led an oil-rich country so Bush and his cronies had a reason they thought was important enough to go after him.

-Unemployment figures in the U.S. reached a 10-year high this week. Bush can't find bin Laden, he wants a costly war with Iraq, he's letting the Saudis screw us and he's not tending to the domestic budget at all. The surplus Clinton left us is GONE. We are in deep debt again. Who can still support this ineffective moron?

-Have you ever tried to find Chanukkah wrapping paper in Roman Catholic San Antonio? Let me say, it's tricky. Once I found some pretty silver and blue paper festooned with Stars of David, I wrapped all of Aviva's gifts, only to hear her say, "What? Chanukka's over, I want Christmas presents." I told her, "Too bad, you're a Jew and you're getting belated Chanukkah gifts."

-There are 20 different ways to spell Chanukkah.

-If you are diabetic and you eat a cucumber and half a bagel with a teaspoon of peanut butter on it before bedtime, your glucose level will be 10 points higher than usual the next morning.

-Some cats don't care about what you spray on furniture to get them to stop clawing. They just hold their breath while they are doing it. James is a scofflaw and I am thinking about kitty bootcamp for the fuzzy little bastard.

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