Monday, December 16, 2002

A More Interesting Blog?

All right you complainers, here's perhaps a more interesting blog for you, filled with pathos, angst and drama.
• My best friend Anna may move to Fair Oaks, which is about 25 miles from me instead of 4 miles. She is not an outdoorsy type, but they are looking at a 7-acre spread. Think Lisa on "Green Acres" and you have Anna, as far as luxury and pampering go.
I can just see her, in her Gucci leather mules and St. John knits out there swatting scorpions off her leg.
I think she just wants to move there to be closer to Nordstrom's.
Her little boy Andrei fell and cut his chin the other day. Four stitches. He's potentially gay, so that may mess up any plans he may have had for a career in the drag queen industry.
• I finally found jeans that fit my disproportionately skinny legs, but I am horrified at the brand. Wranglers. I consider them the choice of the country music loving mobile home set, but I don't care. All I know is Old Navy jeans could fit someone with elephantiasis in their legs.
• Today at the grocery store I saw frogs legs for sale. I have never tried them, but then I have never eaten a cat turd either, but I don't have to eat one to know it would be disgusting. Why stop at their legs? Why not eat the rest of them too?
• I found out that my next door neighbor is a Class A scrounger. Before I throw anything away, I ask her if she wants it and she always does. Yesterday I gave her about 40 old fucked up T-shirts. She was delighted.
• Okay this blog wasn't that much better than the last few, but fuck it. For the price you can't go wrong. Besides, I have to go grout some things in the bathroom.

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