Thursday, December 12, 2002

At the Grocery Store

Now that I am limited in what I can eat, I shop for fish at this very snazzy place because their selection is amazing. Tonight I got Chilean sea bass, albacore and some gorgeous gulf shrimp. If you haven't had Chilean sea bass, rush to get some, it's the most elegant, delicate, buttery fish you can ever hope to taste.
Meanwhile, across the aisle was a well-known lesbian socialite I know who will go nameless.
This woman is heiress to a zillion dollar fortune, from an old Texas ranching family. Their ranch and Rhode Island are about the same size. Their ranch house has been featured on America's Castles. They are richer than everyone in Texas.
She's an eccentric type. She takes her own special pasta to restaurants and has them cook it for her. So, I know she's a very fussy eater.
Well, I spied her looking at the frozen exotic meat section and what does she ask for? Duck.
She won't eat the pasta from a 5-star restaurant, but she'll eat something that could have come waddling out of the San Antonio River.
Duck sucks. I don't care if it's Peking duck, duck l'orange, roasted duck, duck salad or duck burgers, duck is horrible, dark and greasy.
Ducks are nasty creatures. They crap about every 30 seconds, and they bite.
Their quack is not attractive, and the only cute duck is a baby duck.
But she wanted a big, dead duck. To eat.
Duck. Yuck.

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