Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I Got a Survivor Jones

Four days until A. gets here and the one thing keeping me composed is the thought of Survivor's last episode, which will be on from 7-10 p.m. central, this Thursday on CBS.
I am thinking the reunion show could have a catfight or two.
Between Ghandia, that pissy little Dallas dental student Jed and that infantile Palooka Robb, I think resentments may run high.
I'll be eyeing Brain's nose carefully.
And Jan, I wonder if she'll clean up pretty good...
Is that a Texas phrase, "You clean up pretty good?"
I forget what's national and what's Texas.
Does everyone get 400+ pickup truck ads on TV per day?
Is every month "truck month" in your state or province?
Do they have a lot of ads for steak sauce?
My nephew (14) went to Montreal last summer on a class trip with his Austin schoolmates. First thing he said when he got back was, "There are no pickup trucks there."
Hmm. First thing I noticed in Montreal (besides her) was all the Persian and Iraqi cab drivers. I didn't notice any pickups either, now that I think of it.
But, I digress.
Anyway, I haven't picked a winner quite yet. I'll announce my pick on Thursday.
Your assignment is to pick out a potential catfight on the reunion show and write a haiku or two about it on my BlogBack™.

Ted glares at Ghandi
"Yo, diva, did you notice
I got a new truck?"

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