Thursday, March 20, 2008

And So it Begins...

With Barack Obama being the presumptive Democratic candidate for President, how unsurprising was it to discover on Thursday that several State Department employees were caught snooping through his passport information?
And even more predictable, Secretary of State Omarosa Rice vowed "to get to the bottom of it."
When these treasonous Bushian bastards and bitches first got into office, they started testing the waters of unwarranted, illegal domestic spying. The more they've gotten by with, the bolder they've become.
There are no more guarantees we as taxpaying citizens have any right to privacy. None. Not on our telephones, e-mail, surface mail, homes, offices or vehicles.
This passport scandal is just one more glaring example of the lawlessness the paranoid Bush administration has foisted off on us.
Does anyone think for even one nanosecond Condi Rice truly intends to look into this?
I bet she authorized it, and I bet she demanded copies of every document even slightly associated with Obama's passport, ready to pass it on to the GOP slime machine in time for the general election.
By now, the American public has gotten so used to this type of dictatorial defiance of our constitutional rights, few even care enough to be outraged.
I pray that karma is real.
And I pray even harder that this latest incident infuriates Obama so much, when he becomes president he'll launch history's longest, most far-reaching probe into the crimes and treasonous activities of Bush and his entire cabinet.
They all belong in prison. For life.


bigsis said...

I stopped listening to the news about it only because it sickens me and I'm tired of carrying around this rage against this administration. I too hope whoever gets in next has the balls to reveal all the illegal activity that's gone on under Bush.

dguzman said...

This has been wall-to-wall on Faux today--

I understand that it is (or should be)completely illegal to view these private records, but what I don't understand is WHY they would look at them. What were they looking for? What's in a passport file? Why are they doing this? (or is it just another way for them to find out EVERYTHING about everyone, just because they fucking CAN?)

Lulu Maude said...

Doesn't sound like something the Great Unifier is likely to do.

I guess we'll just have to be comforted by the fact that we've thrown the rascals out---if indeed we end up succeeding.

Distributorcap said...

turns out hillary's and mccain's were also hacked -- months ago

and Omarosa allegedly didnt even know --- 3 presidential candidates have their passport info hacked and La Rice is off trying on Thom McAn's

Newsmedia: Condi, your people are hacking passport files
Rice-A-Roni: So?

heckuva job, Rice

karenzipdrive said...

What bullshit, and how convenient that the GOP State Dept. goons looked into McCain's passport info too. Nice camoflauge.
Condi saying she'll look into it is laughable. I'm surprised she could keep a straight face when she told that whopper.

bigsis said...

LOL "heckuva job, Rice."

Condi will look into it to find out why the hell someone was stupid enough to get caught. Our culture has become comfortable with spying on each other, and that's come from Bush's example. Maybe someone was looking for a piece of dirt to sell TMZ or the Enquirer, etc etc etc.

karenzipdrive said...

Or maybe it was social security numbers. One of those babies in the wrong hands can track down all kinds of information.

Anonymous said...

And today it was announced that the US outsources the manufacturing of its electronic passports to places like Thailand and southeast Asia. So the gov has sacrificed American security to make a profit by saving a buck.