Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ooops, I Did it $80,000 Worth

I can see treating oneself to a high priced hooker maybe once, but enough times to rack up $80,000 in charges? No, no, no.
The only bright side in seeing a Democrat and Superdelegate for Hillary hit the skids is that he wasn't paying for an underage male to service him, like the GOP seems to prefer.
I think Joy Behar summed it all up:
"Viagra is ruining the men of our nation."
If I were a straight woman married to a powerful male politician, I'm not sure if I'd prefer he pay hookers for sex or develop an emotional, sexual affair with some bimbo.
One thing I do know, however. He could suck his own dick from then on.


Lulu Maude said...

Zippie takes no prisoners!

Lulu Maude said...

p.s. I have the flu and am tired of election news, so a nice sex scandal provides much needed entertainment. For once I wish I had TV.

But I'm too woozy to blog about all the goings on.

Sad! If Elliott had learned to play nicely with the other children, he'd have been in less of a pickle.

Do you know that more people get canned for their inability to play nicely with the other children than for incompetence??

Julien Sharp said...

The fact that, in his male arrogance, he refused to wear a condom during sex with a prostitute pissed me off more than anything else.

This arrogant f*cker, who would put his wife - and all other hookers he bought - at risk, is the ultimate example of a narcissistic personality disorder.


karenzipdrive said...

Are we sure he refused to wear a condom? I haven't heard that.
But I did see a pic of the particular hooker he most recently boinked and she's okay, but for what she charges, okay is not okay enough.
For four grand, I'd expect Heidi Klum or someone like that.

karenzipdrive said...

At least the new governor, being legally blind and all, won't have to shell out so much for beauty he can't see.
Basically, all he'll need is someone who smells nice and has decent skin. You can get that for $50...I imagine.

Lulu Maude said...

I'm back at the 80 grand. What divisor do you think that we should use here?

I mean, should we divide by 5 grand to get the total number of tricks, or should we apply a sliding scale or do something socioeconomic-psychological on his rise to power?? Did they give discounts?

So many ponderables.

Distributorcap said...

i know at $5500 hour a hooker aint supposed to care -- but elliot aint the best looking guy around.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think Spitzer has pretty eyes and a certain degree of handsomeness...but then I have weird taste in men, not to mention being a lesbian. :)
The more I see of the hooker who brought him down, however, the less attractive I find her.
For more than 4 grand an hour, she ain't it.

dguzman said...

OH MY GOD, the guy refused to wear a condom????

Maybe it's a lesbian thing, but I too think he's pretty good-looking.

but back to the condom thing--Mrs. Spitzer better be getting tested for EVERYTHING right now, and if she has even a fecking COLD from that bastard, she needs to effing sue the SHIT out of him.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If it's true that Spitzer insisted on riding that whore bareback, the wife needs to dump his skanky ass and take him for all he's worth.
Anyone who'd do a hooker without protection is i-n-s-a-n-e.

bigsis said...

And the whole story is made sadder after learning that the hooker was abused as a child and had all kinds of problems. Not a sexy story on any level.