Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Just a Preview

Okay, I may be tired of Democratic candidates smothering Texas with their bullshit extravaganza, but I realize as a red-blooded lesbian Texas liberal I still have an obligation to fuck with McCain and his phony family values.
Look at this photo.
There's the Totally White Family portrait, all blonde and sunny and orthodontized and Botoxed. And look who they left out. Bridget, the stumpy, chunky, cleft palleted, darky-dark adopted daughter.
Cindy McCain publicly admitted that she couldn't protect Bridget during McCain's '04 run because she was too busy with her Percoset addiction at the time.
Her solution now is to hide Bridget from public view.
I'm soooo sure it has nothing to do with Bridget's unfortunate adolescent appearance.
Fucking phonies.
We Americans dealt just fine with a homely young Chelsea Clinton.
Jimmy Carter's kids were downright hideous, but we were okay with them, too.
But they were the children of Democrats.
Republicans like to sell the fantasy of Leave it to Beaver- their kids are fine young Christian youth- well-scrubbed, white and...did I mention white?
For the McCains to intentionally leave Bridget out of this family portrait has nothing to do with "protecting her." Plain and simple, it shows us that a shame-based family decision indicates deep dysfunction with the parents.
It was cold and heartless.
And utterlty inexcusable.


dguzman said...

Cold, heartless, and inexcuseable, yet completely expected. Assholes.

CLD said...

Is that a real photo of Bridget? I never know with you. :)

bigsis said...

Wow, that's cold. Why the heck did they even adopt her if they're going to be ashamed of her?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yes, that is a real photo of Bridget. I don't even own Photoshop anymore.
The wife adopted her without consulting with McCain. She must have been a cute little baby, and it must have seemed so chic back then to adopt a starving orphan.
Wait--it's still chic, at least among liberals.

Dusty said...

Friggin amazing.

Distributorcap said...


amazing -- this has to get around. i BET you dont see Bridget at all during the campaign --- NEVER.....

even if it is Obama.....

this is so disgusting, but totally expected

i BET they trot out the military sons

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh yeah, I bet the McCain boys are all photogenic and Hitler Youth-y looking young studs.
I don't know what the McCain camp's excuse will be, but you can be damned sure poor Bridget will be about as present on stage at the RNC as Mary Cheney's hirsute lover Heather was in '04.
Republicans like their candidates' offspring to be thin, white and prettyish.
This poor girl makes Amy Carter look like Cindy Crawford, circa 1988.