Saturday, March 22, 2008

You Gotta Wonder...

Okay, we all know I'm a Hillary supporter.
But I have an open mind that I constantly feed new information and process accordingly.
Obama's preacher Rev. Wright said some pretty radical things from the pulpit, and I don't mean radical in a good way.
I thought between that issue, the Rezko situation and Michelle Obama's big mouth, all this recent news was diminishing Obama's chances to be elected.
And I want a Democrat in office.
Then I heard Obama's speech and saw how well he diffused the situation. I was impressed.
In fact, if I had to choose between listening to the sermons of a firey Black minister and a slob like Rev. John Hagee I'd go with Blackie any day.

So, on comes Bill Richardson's endorsement of Obama.
Hmm. He served in the Clinton Whitehouse and even watched the Superbowl with Bill...
Did he endorse Obama because men always stick together, or did he endorse him because he's such a special guy, or did he think Hillary was losing anyway, so he started rooting for the overdog?
Or is Hillary just not someone Richardson has faith in to be president?
Camp Hillary said it's not an important endorsement because it occurred after the Texas primary, where Hillary's appeal to Hispanic voters is so strong.
I disagree. I think it was signinificant endorsement regardless of when it occurred.

I'm not saying I've switched alligience from Hillary to Obama. I'm saying if Obama wins the nomination, I may not be as crestfallen as I originally thought.


Anonymous said...

Did it occur to anyone else that prior to this personal revelation by Barak Obama regarding his minister and his need to speak to the race issue..40% of Americans felt Barak Obama's religious affiliation was Muslim? Now they know. This appears to me as a perfect orchestration of political prowess by the Obama team. Release the Rezko update, address the screaming 'racist' all on a Friday afternoon. Then, let it fester for the weekend with an announcement of a major speech on 'race' on Tuesday.
This tactic negated the admission by the Obama campaign that once again, a new set of circumstances regarding the Rezko growing donor list and trial.
Interestingly, the speech once again enflamed the racist angle by comparing Mrs Ferraro to Reverend Wright. How can African Americans as a core group not feel like a lost 'race' in the United States when the 'race' is pushed out and roped in at the whim of Barak Obama when he first needs a launching base to make a name for himself..second disavows the 'race' while he says he transcends 'race' and ignores the plight of the Jenna 6. Once again he reaches for the 'race' to propel him forward in a his stump speech in 'black speak' accent on ya'all..throws the 'race' back in the closet as he denies his faith and once again open the wounds by declaring himself the 'uniter'.
Uniter of what? A country that has long lived, since the late 60's in relative comfort with all races and religions. My street is a great mix..we have black, white, christians, jews, homosexuals and a lot of pets. It is my choice as a free citizen to attend any function, church, lecture or movie, I choose. If I ever get the inclination to go to South Central, Los Angeles, I am as uncomfortable in that neighborhood, as someone from South Central,would feel in my neighborhood. The same goes for Koreatown and Chinatown. That is the beauty and the beast we describe as our country.
Our choice-not Obamas business or political ploy used as chicanery to influence an election. The greatest speech ever given on the subject of 'race' began when our forefathers landed on this soil and wrote the rest of the story they called the Constitution. It describes what I believe most thinking Americans long for..a place to call home.
All the while his campaign saying a redo was OK in MI and FL but working to destroy the redo by running the clock.
I have to hand to to BO as this is as low as it gets. To stir the racial pot to subjugate impropriety on the state level and gain enough media attention to disenfranchise millions of 'folks' by not addressing their voting concerns in two populace states.
Unbelievable-and CNN focuses on the dates of liaisons with Monica Lewinsky as the sole information worth garnering from 11,000 pages of documentation of data 'everyone' was salivating over that are obviously very public thanks to the Ken Starr authority.
Is there reality reporting going on?

karenzipdrive said...

Anonymous, you make several good points but what I gleaned most from your remarks was how glad I was that Obama is finally learning how to finesse the details- even the bad ones- to his advantage.
Wanting any Democratic candidate who can beat the GOP Slime Machine is all I ever asked.
Obama is proving to be slicker than greased owl shit, and I applaud him for that.

Lulu Maude said...

Obama's frankness on the issue of race was refreshing. I've never heard anything as honest from anybody in political office.

Bill Richardson said he was on the phone for 3 hrs with Hillary when he phoned her with his decision.

Why can't these folks get together? HC could still be a helluva Secy State, someone whose hairdo SP wouldn't have to monitor.

I just hope these folks don't piss away the summer beating each other up for the sake of the superdelegates.

karenzipdrive said...

Democratic bickering is a common part of our political history. When a party allows for diversity, there will be differences of opinion.
I think Hillary by now must accept that the hustling she and Bill probably planned to do with the superdelegates won't be as effective as they had planned.
Richardson pretty much waylaid that strategy.

dguzman said...

I was pretty stunned when Richardson endorsed Obama--I took it as a sign that pretty much everyone has hitched their fortunes to Obama, as he seems to be the inevitable nominee. I feel bad for Hillary, but I'm proud of her for coming so far. I too think she needs to tone down the attack machine and accept a position of note in the Obama White House... assuming McGeezer doesn't steal the election (as I fear he will) or that BushCo doesn't call off the elections after they attack Iran (as I fear they will).

Dusty said...

It was a great speech, if the truth be told on my end. Richardson said the speech finalized it for him.

The sour grapes coming out of the Clinton camp over this made me lol..they are minimalizing it and it shows.

Sonia said...

what do you think of this

karenzipdrive said...

I think Brooks has a point, but his established bias favoring Obama casts aspersions on the piece.

Thomas said...

I will continue state clearly that I should be president, but I agree with you that Hillary should be trying to win on her own merits: Merits that even I will admit she has earned. Unfortunately, I think she'll pull out all the stops to win, leaving a damaged Obama for McCain to trounce or a Clinton re-imaged as an unelectable viper woman willing to do anything underhanded. Again, vote for Thomas this Fall. I'm in favor of personal freedoms, fiscal responsibility and the fact that I'm the only one in the race who would get a bigger yearly salary by accepting the job.