Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Dear

I want to wish Bush and his cabinet filled with ass-lickers, crooks and con artists a happy fifth anniversary of war with Iraq.
Anyone here remember that Class A boob, Barcode King? His blog "Barcode King is Going Postal" is no longer even Googleable. It dropped off the map, and so did that dumb ass.
He, like Bush, was wrong so many times about Bush, the war and everything else, it stopped being fun to keep rubbing his stupid nose in it.
Like another boob who's dropped off the map, Donald Rumsfeld, Barcode King said I was ignorant to think the war would last more than six months, tops.
In fact, he said I was ignorant about a lot of political, historical things.

But guess what? I'm still here and my archives are, too.
So Barcode, if you're still out there, please print out my hundreds of pages of archive copies, roll them in a large, tight cylinder and stick them up your dumb ass.

And happy anniversary. I hope you've been silent all these years because you re-enlisted and are somewhere in Baghdad, picking shrapnel out of your stupid butt.


bigsis said...

Amen Zip. Some wonk on NPR said recently that it would take one an entire generation to get the USA out of the debt we've incurred since Bush has been in office - if we started to fix things right now. One generation.

How shameful of us to let the Bush gang do this.

CLD said...

Ah yes. I miss Clyde's insane ramblings. Almost.

dguzman said...

I guess this idiot was before my time. I can't believe that anyone would be gullible enough to believe that "greeted as liberators" "cakewalk" bullshit they were spewing back then. But some people are just that stupid.

karenzipdrive said...

He was around back in the 2002-2003era. He was very articulate, but his political reasoning was totally bizarre. I think he's the type who always takes the opposite side of any debate because he craves attention, even negative attention.
Toward the end of our "friendship," he became so personal and verbally abusive I ended up telling him I wanted no further communication.
To his credit, he left me alone after that.
It helped that I had his full name and knew where he worked. ;)