Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Remember the Alamo!
10:51 p.m. CST

Sorry for the warped irony of it all, but Obama is in San Antonio tonight making a speech as I write this, but we in Bexar (pronounced Bear) County have apparently gone for Hillary by a large margin.
Why he chose San Antonio instead of Houston or Dallas is beyond me. He's easily carrying both those cities, but here he is, making what sounds like a victory speech in a city that didn't support him.
Not that I'm saying this was an amateurish error on his part, but...oh wait, I am saying that.
All this jibberjabber about delegates, in my opinion, demonstrates more naivety on the part of the Obama Claymates.
As long as Super delegates exist, they are as wheelable and dealable as any political snakes in the pit. To assume that the Clintons are incapable of swaying them their way is adorably quaint, and worth a gentle pat on the heads of all the neophyte voters who just started paying attention to politics a few weeks ago.
Don't count the bitch out just yet.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Egads. Non Spanish speakers should never try to cuddle up to us Tex Mexes in San Antonio by saying shit in Spanish.
Obama's "Si se puedo" (yes we can) is embarrassing in its mangled pronunciation.
Please, dude, ixnay on the anish-spay. And no more goofy cowboy hats, m'kay?
You're cool enough without the props. We don't expect a Chitown brother to be a fuckin' charro.

Dusty said...

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together isn't counting ol Hill out yet.

The superd's are getting so much notice that it will be hard for them to throw the results her way if it comes down to their votes.

The worst part of this whole thing is that it could end up hosing the Democratic party out of the Presidency.

If the Superd's decide the nominee you can bet that plenty of voters will say fuck it and either not vote..or.. vote once again for that idiot Nader.

Because when it's all said and done..the voters want to decide, as well they should.

Call me stupid or call me a romantic..but I damn well don't want this decided by anyone but the voters, regardless which of the two Dem's they pick.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Damn that Hillary.
Had she not grabbed Ohio and started to look good in Texas, I could have been peacefully slumbering with Baby Jake and the boys by now.
Now I gotta ride this horse all night if I have to.

Dusty said...

Yeah, I am brewing a cuppa espresso now..I am up for the duration too.

I am glad she has won..it makes it all the more interesting..but at the same time..it makes it complicated.

I am an interested observer at this point..not having a horse in this race.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Why the fuck are people so paranoid about the possibility of Hillary getting the nomination?
Don't they realize that it took a Clinton to bust the last run of Republican crooks in the White House?
If she wins and Democrats refuse to vote for her, then they aren't really Democrats and they deserve an asswipe like McCain.
Obama is untested. All we know about his shifty side so far is that he cut a sweetheart deal on his mansion through his indicted crook buddy Rezko. He saved $300,000 on that deal, and that's more than the average house costs.
What else has he done?
Do we really think a Chicago politician can be as pure as angel farts and impervious to the GOP slime machine?
The Superdelegates don't have to answer to anyone for whatever choices they make. All the outrage in the world won't matter to them, and the kind of voters who think they can huff and puff over it just don't know enough about politics to get it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey Dusty, brew me up one of those.
Pour it into my huge mug o' Jamaican blue mountain. I am suddenly re-involved with all this shit.

Dusty said...

I did a long piece on why I personally do not like her politics. I know from reading your blog you are a fan of Bill's presidency..but I wasn't. He pushed NAFTA, he runs the DLC and he deregulated the Telco's and banks...just to name a few things that bug the fuck out of me.

I figure she won't be very different from her hubby..but she might surprise me. I will admit I like her healthcare plan better than Obama's.

With so many people or handlers/advisors on both sides, neither of these two will actually 'run' things if elected.

Since Reagan it's pretty much been that our Presidency that is run by advisors for the most part and a consensus of how they all feel about issues or problems that face us.

I really do not see a lot of difference between the positions of Hill and Barack on most of the issues. The only difference is how they talk about them..or rather..talk around the issues.

Dusty said...

They have this fucking fancy-smancy brewer thingy. I just pop in a cartridge of espresso and then one of the latte foam shit..and bingo

We got a latte that is just as good as Starbucks! ;p

Hillary had some smarmy friends that gave her money too..how about that Asian guy that got popped a few months back? I forget his name..look, they both have skeletons in their closets and you and I both know that.

Dusty said...

Here is their coffee maker:


Dusty said...

Oh, and they have TWO of them. LOL! guess neither wants to wait for the other to brew their drink.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I hated NAFTA from the start. I disliked a couple things Bill was for.
But what I know about politics is that to even be allowed to run, all sorts of smarmy deals have to be cut, even at the local level.
By the time anyone gets to the presidential level, and I mean ANYONE, they have had to make some vile promises and ungodly compromises to move forward. They have to lie. They have to make false promises.
With the premise that all politicians at this level are corrupt in many ways, then I have to decide which rat bastard (or bitch) most represents my values.
We are at a time in American history where we need a skilled maneuverer with the resilience to withstand the harshest lies and propaganda the other side can launch.
Hillary was very crafty to use SNL and The Daily Show to put the focus on the MSM's mollycoddling of Obama.
It bailed her out in the nick of time.
We need a crafty candidate who can dish it out as well as take it.
Obama's lofty ideals about keeping the campaign civil is an idiotically unrealistic goal.
If a president is going to stand up to the world's tyrants, he or she better be able to punch and take a punch before they get elected.

Dusty said...

Good points all Karen. I have wondered why Obama hasn't hit back with the Asian finance guy when Hillary brings up Rezko as she did today in a press conference call. She ONLY hit him on that..and how smarmy Rezko is and how he was Obama's mentor and shit.

I realize both of them have to make a deal with the devil to get to this level. But I don't think we really know Obama since he is trying to play the 'nice guy' and let her play 'the mean bitch'.

If he gets the nomination, I think we will see him play more dirty pool. But like you say..it might be too late for him by then. Hillary does know how to take a punch and how to hit below the belt.

Whether he does remains to be seen.

Dusty said...

Damn..they just called TX for Hillary..

but its not by a big margin..or the delegates will be almost evenly split.

Karen Zipdrive said...

No candidate has the time to examine and vet every campaign donor.
Perhaps Obama left her alone on that because he realized his $300,000 sweetheart deal was a lot more damning than Hillary failing to vet all of her contributors.
Perhaps he has some dicey contributors as well, who knows?

Dusty said...

Only five percent of the caucus vote is in so far..and O-man has a 12 pt lead there so far..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Oh, caucus shmaucus.
Backroom deals are the milieu of the most hard-boiled, seasoned politicians.
Hillary has a lot more markers to call in than Obama because she still has Bill's connections.
And Bill is a much bigger dog than Obama has ever been.

Dusty said...

I responded on your new post.

dguzman said...

Again -- pure gold between you and Dusty.

I used to hate it when Hispanics would put on the fake hick accent (a la Alberto "V-O5" Gonzalez) just as much as I hated the fake mangled Spanish of people like GWB. Just be your own damn self, you panderer!

Man, I hope the momentum is swinging to Hillary. She could chew McGeezer up and spit him out again. (He might look better that way)

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think once people saw how pissy Obama was after Hillary's recent wins, they may have realized that:
(a) Hillary at least has a sense of humor
(b) Obama sure does get easily rattled by criticism.
For the millions of us Democrats who are factoring in which candidate can more likely beat the GOP, I think some may be wondering if Obama has a thick enough hide.
We know Hillary does- this primary season has shown us that much.

Dusty said...

My ears were burning..so I had to comment.

I heart KZ and her approach to politics..she knows what a dirty game it is..she isn't a romantic about it and that is what I appreciate about her.

That, and she will sit up and talk to me late into the night..that is what cyber friends are for isn't it? ;)