Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not So Fast, Boys

Yeah, yeah, everyone wants Hillary to step down "for the good of the party."
They want her to step down before the Pennsylvania primary just in case she wins it big, that much is obvious.
All this phony posturing about clearing the way for a unified candidate is bullshit.
Ever hear of something called "The Democratic National Convention"? Traditionally, that's where the candidate is chosen.
I know millions of Obama's Claymates are new at this, but wishing his competition would just go away before the convention won't make it so.
I think she should stay in the race as long as she's still got a shot. Yes, even if it is a long shot.
If people are worried that Hillary may say something about Obama the GOP can use against him, rest assured, Hillary's not evil enough to think of anything the GOP hasn't already thought to use.
If people are so hot to see a candidate emerge before the convention, perhaps they should ask Obama to step down...for the good of the party and all.


The Janitor said...

I'm game for Hillary to stick around -- as long as she's throwing more mud at the Repuglicans than she's throwing at Obama. As it is, it seems like she's following the Clinton mantra of winning at whatever cost to the party. If she was taking a few less cheap shots, I don't think you'd have as many folks asking her to step down. Taking the high road might also help her get more votes and be a more viable candidate.

Doing a dry run of GOTV in PA, Indiana, etc. isn't bad. Turning off new, enthusiastic voters through party infighting (from either side) is what's causing all the headaches.

karenzipdrive said...

Onama said during a town meeting yesterday he's fine with Hillary stayingin as long as she wants.
And he said the media is exaggerating the severity of the mud slinging. He said it wasn't all that bad.

Marlene said...

Thank goodness she isn't going anywhere. Let's just hope she does win big in Pennsylvania. Learning how poor a job the Governor of MA is doing governing reminds me I just don't want to be right and unhappy for another four years. My money is still on the smart broad.

Mike Thomas said...

Hillary hasn't had a real shot at the nomination since she blew the entire month of February.
She can win big in Pennsylvania and it still won't matter. In fact, she could win in every remaining contest here on out (which she won't ) and she would still be nearly 100 delegates behind Obama when they get to the national convention.
The only way she could win at this point is to convince 75 percent of the superdelegates to ignore the will of their constituents. It ain't going to happen.
The best thing she could do right now is suspend her campaign. If something befalls Obama between now and the DNC, she will be ready to step in as the replacement. But she should not be seen as the one trying to trip him up to the detriment of the Democratic party's chances in November.

CLD said...

Superdelegates don't bend to the will of constituents. They vote on their own based on their own will. Pledged delegates vote based on the will of the people. Got it?

Hillary has the popular vote. Obama has more delegates. He's won in states in which he won't win in the general election. Hillary has won in states in which she would win in the general.

She can take a kick in the teeth and keep on going. Obama is so insulated and arrogant that he'll fold like a bad poker hand the first time the GOP really goes after him.

She deserves to stay in the race and fight for the nomination. The media and the Obama-maniacs need to chill the hell out. I'm sick of all the hand-wringing and whining. It's bullshit. If he's meant to win, he'll win.

karenzipdrive said...

...what she said.

Dusty said...

With Hillary throwing more bullshit at Obama than McCain..its not going good for Democrats as a whole.

I just want the shit to be over..let the general election begin!

As for the popular vote..Obama leads in that one too.

Some asshole at Kos figured it out for us.

karenzipdrive said...

Whoa there.
If Hillary's the one throwing all the dirt, why is she so reviled in the Democratic court of public opinion?
Wait, I'll answer that.
While Obama may not personally be dishing the shit, he's certainly not been discouraging his Claymates from doing it for him.
Please stop being so naive.
Obama's a politician just like her, and if you think he's risen to this position by being Little Lord Fauntleroy, buy a clue!
Case in point: What side has been leading the charge for which candidate to step down?

Dusty said...

Sorry KZ, but I ain't naive. I am a voter that is really tired of all the bullshit.

Hillary leads in nothing right now..notta damn thing. Not the popular vote, not the delegate count..oh yeah..she has a few more superdelegates..which when you put all delegates together still doesn't give her a lead.

Her line about McCain being ready to lead really chafed my ass. What kind of crap is that?

She sounds like she would rather have McCain in the White House if she can't be there. How is tossing the entire Democratic Party under the bus a good thing?

I don't give a shit whether Hillary or Obama gets in there..I just don't want another fucking Rethug in there and from what I have seen Hillary isn't helping that cause one damn bit.

karenzipdrive said...

Well, you just made my point about Obama's followers being only too willing to trash Hillary at the drop of a hat.
Let peace begin with you.
Touche! ;)

Dusty said...

lol..tell me that you are NOT calling me an Obama follower?

I think his positions are basically the same as Hillary's on the majority of the issues..I see very little difference between the two on the major issues.

karenzipdrive said...

I think their positions are about the same as well.
I just don't think Obama holds any moral highground. He has less baggage because he has less experience, and that's all there is to it.
For every downside people mention about Hillary, there's an equal downside to Obama- arrogance being a major one.
If Camp Hillary was demanding that Obama step down, the Obamanistas would be freaking out like crazy.

Dusty said...

There is no logic in asking Obama to step down..he leads in both categories: The popular vote and total delegate count.

karenzipdrive said...

The difference in his lead is not significant enough for her to step down--ESPECIALLY before the rest of the primaries are done.
It's enough the DNC threw out Florida's votes (that favored Hillary).
She's come from behind before and she'd be an asshole to quit now.
Expecting her to step down is outrageously arrogant and an obvious example of his youthful little fan base who don't know that parties traditionally hold conventions so they can decide the candidate THERE.

Dusty said...

I think the party as a whole sees how this shit is affecting the public.

I think they both should be on the ticket. One or the other can afford to wait 8 years for their next shot at the big prize.

I wanted Kucinich and then Edwards..I don't like either of them at this point.

And if Weathervane McCain wins the know damn well everyone is going to blame Hillary.

Dusty said...

Gotta head out to yet another Doctor appt KZ..have a good day m'dear :)

Sonia said...

I am being harassed on Facebook by an Obama-maniac

Mike Thomas said...

I have to agree with Dusty. I have nothing against Hillary. I think she would have made a great president. But she lost. As a practical matter, she should get out of the race. If Obama was in her position (hopelessly behind in the delegate and popular vote tally) I would be saying the same thing about him.
I am not an Obamamaniac. I stayed neutral in this race right up until the Texas primary and I had assumed that Hillary would be our nominee. I finally decided to support Obama after it became clear to me that Hillary had blown her chance at the nomination by falling too far behind in the delegate count. I’m just a pragmatic Democratic voter who doesn’t want this country to suffer through four more years of Republican misrule.
That said, however, I am very impressed with Obama and I think he will make an excellent president too. I don’t think Hillary will accept a VP spot on his ticket, so I would just as soon see her go back to the Senate and challenge Harry Reid for the majority leader post. She could be the most powerful Senate leader since Lyndon Johnson.

karenzipdrive said...

If Obama loses to McCain, it sure as hell won't be Hillary's fault any more than if Hillary lost to McCain.
See, that's the kind of shit I'm talking about. If Obama (the presumed nominee) fails to beat McCain, it's because he didn't have the red state votes that Hillary would have gotten.
If Obama can't pull it off, there will be millions of us Hillary supporters screaming we told you so, and we sure as fuck aren't gonna be taking the blame for it.

Dusty said...

Now now KZ, I wasn't saying I would blame her..just that a large slice of the Democrats would because she drew this thing out all the way to the Convention.

As Leahy said..she has the right to stay in all the way to the Convention..he just wishes she would see the writing on the wall.

I just want all the infighting to stop damn it. I am tired of Democrat against could really fuck us in the general election.

Lulu Maude said...

Yogi Berra said it ain't over till it's over. At this point I have come to prefer Obama. The speech on Jeremiah Wright really spoke to me.

I just hope that we don't tear ourselves to ribbons before November.

We went too quickly for Kerry last time. He didn't prove to be much of a candidate when we needed him to be.

Like y'all, I just want us to win in November.

karenzipdrive said...

How exactly are we tearing ourselves to ribbons over this? The media has to create some sort of buzz to sell ads. Their imagined battles between Hillary and Obama are so exaggerated they have pushed the Obamanistas into a panic, demanding Hillary clear the way for their Golden Boy.
We all seem to agree that we'll back any candidate the Democrats field.
We all know the GOP won't get any new swift boating ideas from anything either Obama or Hillary say about the other.
What's the fucking rush? It must be nerves on Camp Obama's part.

dguzman said...

I agree with you, KZ. I think the media has made it seem like the whole thing should be over by March, but that's just bullshit and impatience. Why have a convention at all, if not to pick the nominee? It's not Clinton and Obama I'm sick of--it's the nonstop bullshit MSM coverage and over-hyping that I'm sick of, and I think if everyone stopped to think about it, they'd realize the same thing. That's why I no longer watch any election coverage. I read news reports of what they're saying, or I read a few blogs or whatever, but I am ignoring all the charges of mud-slinging, etc. and I'm happier for it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The only plausible reason for Hillary to step down at this point would be to hasten the Democratic attacks against the real enemy, McCain.
I just hope my party grows a pair and gets ready to fight the GOP slime machine mano a mano.