Friday, August 30, 2002

Bellinis and a Little Chat

Today is a new day and after a few blenders of Bellinis last night with a good friend, things have smoothed out nicely. FYI, Bellinis are a blend of white meat peaches, peach brandy or nectar, and a whole bottle of champagne. I think Hemingway used to drink them at Harry's Bar in Rome.
I talked late last night with the woman I mentioned in my last blog. It was a peaceful chat where we both were able to settle things amicably and move on in separate directions.
A few weeks' fling is not worth months of animosity or the ruining of what could become a nice friendship.
Summer is starting to taper off in San Antonio. The light is changing outside and taking on a nice, fall glow. I love fall and spring. My Circadian clock adjusts happily to both seasons.
People on my reblog likened depression to a head cold. They are right. It comes, it goes, and some bouts last a shorter time than others.
I think mine may have converted to a chest cold. I am stuffy and coughing and have that sleepy feeling. Luckily I am off till the day after Labor Day, so I can sleep a lot and shake it off.
I guess it's true- when life hands you lemons, make Bellinis.

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