Friday, August 23, 2002


It's cool this morning and I feel much less like I have burrs under my horse blanket today.

I read in the news today they are going to stop asking if anyone unknown to you has asked you to carry something aboard a plane, or whether you left your bag unattended at any point.
That makes sense. I mean, imagine being at an airport and having some swarthy guy say, "Pssst, vould you kindly carry this small parcel in your bag on your treep to Israel?" then not mentioning it to someone?
They are also letting people carry coffee or plastic bottles of soda thru the x-ray door.
Seems they used to be so strict, once they made a woman sample three bottles of her own breast milk to be sure it posed no threat to other passengers. Ugh.
When I went to Vegas, I saw them randomly search two people, a little old Latina grandma and a young cowboy with Wranglers and a cowboy hat who looked like Tim McGraw. I sure felt safer after I knew they were cleared of any suspicion.
Thinking about the blog I did yesterday on terrorists having the know-how to assemble bomb components from wherever they were, I thought post offices boxes could be likely targets. They are open 24 hours a day and unmonitored after hours. A time delayed detonator could be used, say around April 15 at noon, and cause untold havoc.
Malls with movie theaters that stay open late also could be good targets.
In fact, if I let myself start thinking about it, too many public places could be targets.
Instead of trying to stay ahead of the roaches, it just seems to me keeping new ones out to begin with would be the wisest choice.
Sending someone back to their own Middle Eastern country is not a punishment, and the Ellis Island days of "bringing us your poor, your tired and your huddled masses" are over.
People used to immigrate to America because this was the land of opportunity. Now the opportunities some seek is to destroy our infrastructure and kill as many of us as possible. This is 2002, not 1902.
I'm not xenophobic, I just don't like terrorist assholes and most of them lately seem to have Middle Eastern links. It's a pity so many legit Arabs are considered guilty by association, but these are troubling times and that sounds like a Middle Eastern problem, not ours.

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