Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Blog Side Salad™

Is this in bad taste?
I bought some daddy-style duds for that 60's party at Goodwill, but I ended up wearing neither. Can I take them back and get a refund on my $7.99, or would that make me a colossally cheap, uncharitable bitch?

Oy vey, Tracy has flipped her wig about the Catholic church. I thought I was vocal about it, she's over there like Linda Blair with her head turning 360º.

Cris, my Vegas traveling companion dropped by today. She's excited about the trip, but being the stoic psychologist she is, she has difficulty expressing exuberance. She fondled the itinerary longer than I thought necessary, so that's how I could tell she was hyped. Whoopie, only three days to go.

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