Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Come September

I'll be happy again.
The Sopranos and Survivor are coming back with new episodes.
That's basically all I need to feel complete, if you throw in Six Feet Under.

I think I may have accidentally met Lauren Bacall online, through some work I do for my isp. How cool is that?

I had a meeting with my major client and the topic of my working there full time has come up again.
I am actually thinking about it. It would cut seriously into my travel adventures, but considering they have usually been about chasing the wrong woman, I am starting to think it might be better to just get back into the rat race and earn some serious cash.

I kind of miss having an office and getting to wear snappy clothes to work.
What I don't miss is commuting and having to be in the same spot day after day.
Maybe a nice new Lexus, BMW or Benz would make the commute easier.
Nothing like eight speakers of car shaking funk to clear one's head in the morning.

I dunno. It's starting to sound good to me. Giant flat screen TV, anyone?

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