Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Blissful Nothingness

The only chore I had to do today was taking my best friend Anna to the airport.
She's going back to Ethiopia for five weeks to set up a master's program in social work at Addis Ababa University.
Gee, and I painted a wall this summer.
Anna's great. We communicate on such a clear level, words are optional.
Today's example:

Anna: How's it going with...
Me: It's not.
Anna: Oh? Why?
Me: Ehhh.
Anna: Uh huh.
Me: Whatever.
Anna: Yep.

It's so much easier to talk in vague grunts and groans, especially when the topic is the same one we've covered many times in the past.
We ought to just number them:

Anna: How's it going with...
Me: 3
Anna: Got it.

Our IM's are even better. Say she is asking me to have lunch with her:

Anna: WF 12:15?
Me: y
Anna: bye
Me: bye

That means,
"Do you want to have lunch with me today at Whole Foods at 12:15?"

I love her. She cuts right through the bullshit.

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