Thursday, August 22, 2002


My painting job was cut short yesterday.
See, to mix the paint for a faux finish, I need a dinner plate, where I squeeze different colors and mediums in concentric circles.
Seems my perfect sister doesn't need dinner plates, because I couldn't find any.
She must get taken to dinner every night.
We talked last night and she said she did have plates, I just missed them. I think she lied and ran out to get some last night.
She's going to Phoenix for a week, starting today. Phoenix and other nearby locales. She was very cryptic so I asked her a dozen rapid fire questions. I know she fucks around, but like a cat or a Baptist, it's just hard to catch her at it.
She's the perfect lesbian. Politically correct, runs marathons, delivers babies as a certified midwife clinician, just got a degree in Oriental medicine, her house looks like a Restoration Hardware store, even her damn dog is nice.
The only thing I have over her is I can make art, write and my feet are way cuter.

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