Thursday, August 15, 2002

Thursday Night's Rant-o-Rama

What a day.

All day I wrote and wrote and wrote, deadline looming, and this one passive aggressive human resources clerk had to be the last pickle in the jar.
She's always late with her story leads, and as an external contractor, I can't go fuck with her desk or plug the earholes of her phone.

Meanwhile, back at the dysfunctional family ranch...

My older siblings are back to their e-mail quibblethon extravaganza.
Seems we are hammering out the end details for financing the cost of my Mom's retirement community, and my brother who drives a new truck, has a boat, a cherried out 1964 red Mustang convertible, a house and is building a lake house...has money worries and can't find a way to chip in his share after all.
Meanwhile, my sister was doing her best Joan Crawford, "No Wire Hangers EVER" routine, which backfired, so now she's claiming a near nervous breakdown.
This matter has been hashed, rehashed and minced into a rancid paté by now and I am sick of all of them. P'tooie!


In other news, my young cat James kept jumping up on my lap with his chin and bib suspiciously wet.
I looked all over for spilled water, only to find the source coming from an apparent crack in the metal accordion line that goes from the floor to the bottom of my toilet tank. It was making a hissing noise and squirting a super fine jet of water behind the toilet. So, being the handy tooltime butch I am, I fetched the scissors and some duct tape and lo and behold, it's totally fucked up now and dripping a steady stream of water onto a towel on the floor.
Now I have to call a femme friend over to fix it, and have her laugh at me and call me swishy. I've gone from sir to swishy in three days.

Add in the fact that my lower sinuses hurt like hell and I don't have anything to take to fix them. Plus I woke up cranky from my nap. :(

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