Thursday, August 22, 2002


An al Qaeda videotape obtained by CNN shows a level of sophistication in bomb making that would allow terrorists to arrive in a target city unarmed and easily put together high-explosive devices to carry out destructive attacks, experts who saw the tapes say.
Essentially a training video for select al Qaeda recruits, the tape shows the steps needed to make pure TNT and bomb components using easy-to-obtain materials to make powerful explosives from scratch.


Until this matter is settled, immediate deportation and further immigration from citizens of any Middle Eastern country, with even one citizen deemed guilty of ever engaging in any sort of terrorism, should be denied.
If the rest of the poor, innocent Middle Easterners feel discriminated against as a result, they can spend their rage in their own countries, weeding out the snakes and bastards who make all of them look like criminals and have made Muslim and Islamic religions look like Satanism.

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