Friday, August 16, 2002

The Bitch Is Back!

Finally, I have completed my editorial work for the month, and unless some new pest contacts me for more baboonish corporate drivel, I am free for the next few weeks.

My only assignment penciled in is doing a faux finish on my sister's fireplace wall. I am going to make it look like malachite, only lighter. That should be fun. :o[

Now, I notice in my limited blogging time as of late, some of my commenters have been toying with me. This would include Chari, who insinuated I was a big fat baby, Tracy, who has nominated me for "most posts," which may be the shittiest Bloggy award category there is, and Mr. Barcodie, who mentioned the "most posts" category is already cinched by some Amish guy.

I try not to be competitive, but it's a slimy monster that exists just beneath my serene veneer, so I am fighting the temptation to bitchslap the crown off Miss Funniest Bloggy Award Winner Tracy and her little friend Chari, who runs second to her.
Don't make me do it, girls. I have the skillz.

Meanwhile, in my personal life, I am fighting the urge not to get a crush on someone I know who is far too young and far too cute for me.
In my effort to find a plausible rationale for indulging my geezerly urges, I have been wracking my brain, trying to come up with another couple who share the same vast age difference.
So far all I've been able to manage was Hannibal Lector and Clarise Starling.
That won't do. I don't even like organ meats.
I may have to go rent "Lolita" and expunge this nagging notion. The new Lolita with Jeremy Irons, not the old one.

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