Saturday, August 03, 2002

Jonesing for Las Vegas

If my blogs seem distracted lately, it's because this time next week I'll be at my spiritual Mecca, Las Vegas.
Cris, my lovely ex and sister of reblog contributor BigBoy in PDX, and I have been plotting our strategy on visiting The Holy Land.
No checked luggage. Carryon bags will include minimal clothing and toiletries.
Slots: Two coin maximum. She wants progressives only. Dollars and quarters only, no filthy nickels.
Meals: No time for many sit down meals, just a few quick slabs of prime rib, then back to the action.
Sightseeing trips: Please, it's too fucking hot. Big dam, big canyon, yeah, yeah, seen 'em already.
Shows: No thanks.
Table games: No, they scare me.
Any additional tips or ideas welcome.

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