Saturday, August 10, 2002

'SLuts Fo' Fun

Well, it's Saturday night and I hope Ms. Zipdrive is enjoying her evening. By now she's probably worked her way through half a dozen casinos. Cha-ching. Some people, like my 80 year old great-aunt, have the ability to size up a one-armed bandit and just know that it's going to pay. I don't know how she does it... I think she's got some kind of electro-magnetic touch. She always manages to win enough to pay for her trip, sometimes more. Let's hope Karen's a winner, or at least has gotten a hot cocktail waitress to wet her whistle.

The TV is on as I write this and I just watched a cute Holiday Inn commercial about a family on a road trip vacation. They've parked the car at the edge of the Grand Canyon to enjoy the view. Somebody in the car complains of boredom and is chastised by mom. "Now, now, grandma has waited 93 and a half years to see this" she says. Then, "Grandma, do you mind if we go to Las Vegas?" Grandma perks right up and yells "Sin City, here we come!" Old people really love to gamble... I wonder why? Perhaps Karen will answer that for us when she comes back. *wink, wink*

I like slots and craps but I never win. Having been an accountant, I'm pretty conservative. When I gamble, I usually have a budget and try to make the money last as long as possible. I'm satisfied with playing craps on the same $20 for three hours. It's fun and I haven't lost much money. I've never really been able to walk away when I'm ahead and losing a lot of money for any reason hurts my feelings. I tend to do better with little stuff like bingo boards, scratch off lottery tickets and pocket-change poker games with my friends. The most money I've ever won at once is $112. I'm still waiting to win the Mega-millions lottery.

Let's have a survey so that Karen has something to read when she gets back. Comment on any or all of the following: What games do you like? What's the most money you've ever won? Lost? What did you do? Why do old people like to gamble?

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