Saturday, August 17, 2002

Trash TV/Trash Politics

I've been noticing so many so-called reality shows have incorporated disgusting eating contests, like fishing blood balls out of earth worm spaghetti with one's face.
In one year, I have seen people on TV eat roaches, worms, putrefied fish and all kinds of other offal. People will do nearly anything to win a few bucks.
This is where we've come in 50 years of television.
A willingness to watch this type of garbage, plus the popularity of shows like Jerry Springer and his types, and the enthusiastic acceptance of "pro wrestling" indicates a huge dumbing down of the American public.
When I see Dubya's approval ratings, I am not surprised.
All that "wanted dead or alive," John Wayne-type posturing goes over great with middle America, who believe the feds are trying as hard as they can to find bin Laden.
We have satellite technology that can detect by heat and sight the gender of a field mouse scampering over a landscape at night, yet we can't find one man traveling outdoors with an entourage of at least a dozen men? Horseshit.
Bush has had 11 months to find bin Laden. Every day that passes, this "war" lines the pockets of his campaign contributors who make their money on defense contracts.
Finding bin Laden and bringing him to justice would influence the American public to want to stop funding a war where all we seem to do is drop bombs on dirt piles.
So what does Bush do? He starts wanting to go after Saddam Hussein in Iraq.
And we're gonna fall for it.

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