Wednesday, August 28, 2002

In the News

They say bin Laden is alive in a cave somewhere near Bora Tora, or is that Tora Bora?
Whichever, my hunch is now that Dubya's plan to go after Saddam is getting a lukewarm response from Americans, he's finally decided to quit fucking around and have our military capture bin Laden and bring him in.
That way, the American public will say "Yay! We got him," and then be more likely to okay Dubya going after Saddam.
Why would Bush stall? Because each passing day nets more money for his war mongering military industrial complex campaign contributors, silly.
So the timing is right for Dubya to nab bin Laden, take a big bow and then say, "Okay, now may I please go get Saddam?"
And we Americans, being the gullible fools we are, will say, "Yes, George, here's a few more trillion for you. Go get him!"
Hey, if Dubya can bring in that asshole bin Laden, I'd probably be more likely to support the U.S. collapsing the Iraqi government.
But right now, I am a one-mission-at-a-time person, and until Dubya hands us bin Laden's head on a stick, I'll continue to doubt his competence at waging offense or defense.

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