Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Central Park Off Limits to Protesters.
Oh, yeah?

NEW YORK (Aug. 23) - A federal judge ruled Monday that two protest groups cannot use New York City's Central Park as a site for a demonstration days before the Republican National Convention.
''This court cannot blind itself to the daunting security concerns facing this city during the Republican National Convention,'' said U.S. District Court Judge William H. Pauley III.-AP

The "daunting security concerns" stem from the GOP selecting a convention city still healing from the biggest attack on American soil in history.
The People will follow rules and laws that make sense, but when partisanship seems to be the underlying reason a law was made, to hell with it.
Central Park is not private property.
It belongs to the people, whose tax monies fund its maintenance.
I hope the protesters remember that the park belongs to The People, and that laws created to favor one side over another for political reasons deserve to be nullified.
Hear me now and believe me later:
Central Park will be used for protests and Bush will force the overtaxed NYPD to act as his personal Gestapo goons. Then he'll blame it all on the Democrats.

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