Thursday, August 12, 2004

Just Do It

Look, we have the constitutional right to assemble. In fact, that right was the very first amendment to the constitution.
Here, read it for yourself:
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That means we are allowed to gather together and protest whatever we want.
The Republican convention, soon to be starting in New York City, is being handled like the GOP has the legal right to abridge the rights of protesters, by denying them permits, by forcing them to congregate well out of sight and earshot of the GOP event, and by denying them access to Central Park, based on some bogus concerns for the health of the grass.
Back in the 70's, we anti war protesters had the freedom to assemble anywhere we wanted.
Had they tried to deny us, corral us or force us into some dark corner where the war mongers wouldn't be bothered by us, we would have burnt some things down and knocked some things over.
This Bush crowd and the GOP party have lied, broken laws, caused us international embarrassment, pissed away our money, violated our civil rights and polluted our environment.
Of course they want to abridge our rights to assemble and protest–they don't want to face the public outrage.
Sometimes governmental rules are unfair. Sometimes they are illegal.
If the GOP demands the hundreds of thousands of people who want to peacefully protest the GOP and Bush regime be abridged or denied the right to do so, their authority is superseded by the constitution and should be ignored.
I hope the protesters take back the park, take back the streets and arrive en masse to make their voices heard. If the police behave toward them like the Gestapo at the president's behest, violence could occur and destruction may ensue. It wouldn't be right to force the NYC police to enforce unconstitutional orders, they've been through enough.

Bush doesn't listen. He doesn't hear. When stubborn people refuse to listen to urgent whispers, the volume elevates until glass shatters.
It was self-serving of the GOP to hold the convention in New York City. Clearly, they're using 9/11 to court sentimentality for political gain.
If they try to corral or curtail these protesters, I predict riots and violence rivaling the 70's protests.
And the bad part is, we already know the GOP will refuse to budge and allow the people their first amendment rights, so the outcome is almost certain.
Even with the sound of glass shattering, I'm certain Bush and his minions still won't listen.
But the voters will, and so will the rest of the world.

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