Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pick Your Favorite

Egads. Each day, I read the headlines from all over the world, and many of the stories that pertain to areas in which George Bush has fucked up, fucked over or fucked around with people, places and things, in and out of America.
It's getting to be such a treasure trove of tripe, I can barely select one area to comment on.
Here are just a few topics to choose from:
• Bush's dirty campaign tricks, like using those Swift Boat Liars
• Draconian censorship used by the Bush administration
• Florida voter fraud
• Canadian drugs: too dangerous to import? American companies make them.
• Gas prices making Bush's Saudi pals richer
• Terrorism run amok
• Bush's troop movement plans
• Bush's backdoor draft
• Former Military leaders blast Bush
• No accountability for Abu Gh-rape torture policies
• Cheney's Halliburton price gouging and fines
• Now Iran is a nuclear threat??
• Bribing protesters: be nice and get treats in NYC
• Have to sign an oath to get to see Bush campaign
• The Najaf quagmire
• Record deficits that took half the time it took Reagan to run up $2 trillion less
• Record Trade deficits
• Separation of church and state
• Each child left behind education reform
• Rip-off Medicare benefits to the elderly
• Where's Bin Laden
• Polls say Iraq war was a bad idea

Choose the areas that most offend you and tell us why.

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