Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Family Plots

Did anyone see it last night?
That Rick needs to get a handle on himself. Between his Wild Turkey-soaked Friday night and a new girlfriend so soon after getting dumped, he's on a sleigh ride to hell. Drunk rebounding might be one solution, but it's not a good one.
His ex-girlfriend Melissa is sort of attractive in a heavily made-up way, but isn't it pretty clear he belongs with the middle sister, Shonna?
As for the Growing Up Gotti clan, Victoria (aka Hedda Nussbaum*) needs to get herself a cattle prod and use it on those wiseguys she birthed.
I love how she threatens them.
"If you upset me, youse guys are gonna see me in the worst kind of mood youse evah seen..."
Sure. With all that Botox, she can't even frown properly.

*thanks, Cris

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