Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Here It Comes: My First Brain Tumor

My home phone service has an added feature that allows for unlimited long distance calls for 20 extra bucks a month.
My long distance calling has been so far below the $20, I called SBC today to have them drop the set-fee feature.
Then the fast talking saleswoman somehow boondoggled me into getting >>sigh<< my first cell phone.
Basically, they offered me a free phone, and some outrageous calling plan that allows me more minutes than I'll ever need, all for only $34 a month, which is only $14 more than I was already shelling out. Did I mention the free phone? Oh, who cares!

I hate those damn little pesky cell phones.
I hate seeing people use them.
I hate those ridiculous jingles they program in instead of a ringer.
I hate being trackable when I am away from home.
I don't even like cordless phones at home. I am not a multi tasker, plus they too cause brain tumors.
But, this is a tiny little blue and silver phone that'll hide in my pocket, and it comes with a free charger, a free hands-free wire thing and an attachment for taking photos.
Sure, like I'll be taking pictures with the creepy little thing.
Anyway, if my Blogs start to read like I have a brain tumor, someone please call me on my cell and tell me.
Oh wait. I'm not giving the number out to anyone.
That'll just cause trouble.

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