Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Laura Bush Takes Swipe at Media Coverage

WASHINGTON (Aug. 4) - First lady Laura Bush thinks the news media is increasingly filled with opinions instead of facts, and suggested Tuesday that journalists are contributing to the polarization of the country.
"I think there are a lot of reasons to be critical of the media in America," she said in an interview Tuesday with Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Oh, for Chrissakes.
Maybe Laura Bush doesn't like the media covering and/or exposing the lies, the bumbling and the bullshit of her idiot husband and his crooked administration.
For her to be flapping her gums to Bill O'Reilly, one of the biggest right-wing biased pundits in America, on Fox News, a network so unfair and unbalanced they are being sued for calling themselves "fair and balanced," just shows us what a whining, delusional bunch of blamers and buck passers she's running with.
On the whole, the media reports news based on what happened.
If what happened happens to make Bush look like an incompetent fool with an obvious agenda contrary to the will and the good of the American taxpayers, perhaps it's time everyone stop blaming the media for reporting simply what's so.
People need to get this into their heads:
The media OWNERS are rich guys who tend to be conservatives.
If anyone thinks the OWNERS don't have any say over editorial content, they are fucking stupid.
If the OWNERS have a scintilla of honesty, they want their reporters to report the news as they find it- without making things up, without leaving things out. They may not like the news, but it keeps their readers and advertisers happy to have their reporters maintain an honest, legitimate source of news.
The essence of writing news is to show, not tell.
I know this because I happen to be a trained journalist, with newspaper reporting experience.
If what we are shown on television and what we read in newspapers looks bad for the president and his administration, chances are it is bad.
Did the media make up those photos of Iraqi prisoners?
Did the media make up the record trillion dollar budget deficit?
Did the media fabricate Bush's plans to create an amendment that discriminates against homosexuals?
Did the media make up unemployment figures, or lie about skyrocketing gas prices?
Did the media lie about Tom Ridge using three-year-old intelligence to announce an imminent terrorist threat, conveniently timed to distract people from the Democratic convention?
If you don't like what you hear or read about our current government in mainstream media, perhaps the change needs to made with the former, not the latter.
Don't blame the messenger, Laura.
The problem lies with information contained in the message- and chances are, that bad news is probably just an honest reflection of what your husband has done to the country, and the world.
Folks, think about it.
Have you ever, in American history, heard so much controversy about the news media?
Hell, no.
Just think about why the news appears to be so biased against Bush.
Could it be he's just doing a phenomenally horrible job?

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