Monday, August 16, 2004

Random, Nonpolitical Clutter

The sunlight is changing to that cool sort of gray, autumn color.
Thank God. Summer in Texas is usually a nightmare, but we were spared this year with high temperatures usually below 100ºF.
This morning it was 65ºF outside. Bring on the long sleeves, I say.

Last night on, "Da Ali G Show," I saw a female condom being unfurled. Talk about ruining spontaneity, how does one stuff one of those things in? Ridiculous.
I didn't care much for that show when it first came on because I was too distracted to get that the character of Ali G was stupid on purpose. Now that I know he's not really a moron, I like it.

On "Six Feet Under," it seems Nate and Brenda have chemistry that can't be denied. A lot of people can't stand them as a couple, but I can see how it works for them.
I wish Ruth would dump that old farmer from "Babe" and hook up with Bettina. At least Bettina would liven up the funeral home, instead of looking like a customer-to-be.
Ruth and I are about the same age in real life, which I find rather distressing. In my mind, Brenda and I seem more the same age. See? It pays to maintain one's immaturity.
As for Claire and Jimmy "grinding the corn," I have to think most lesbians watched with bemusement. We already know how to grind us some corn, kiddies.

When the hell is Survivor coming back? I tried Googling that magic date but my patience wore thin before I could find out. Oh wait- I tried again and the date seems to be September 16. That's one short month away.
It'll be at the Vanua Islands in the South Pacific.
Here's some culinary news about the place: Taro, wild spinach and grated coconut are ground together to make the national dish, Laplap. Pork, beef, fish, poultry, seafood or bush meat like flying fox may be added, and the mixture is wrapped in banana leaves and baked in an underground oven.
"Yeah, could I have two flying fox Laplaps to go, please?"

Nahh. I think I'll stick with breakfast tacos.

In other news, I'll soon be illustrating a book of whimsical poems for a children's book my friend Brett in Portland is writing. I've already started on Matt, the fat rat, who sat on his hat and cravat. We homos have a history of doing children's books.
My old friend James Marshall has, over the last few decades, written and illustrated seven very cool books about two hippos called George and Martha. Let's hope Brett and I have similar success.

The U.S. Olympic basketball team was trounced this weekend by Puerto Rico's team. Seems most of the NBA's superstars were too chicken-shit to go to Greece to compete. Tim Duncan and Alan Iverson get some true street cred for showing up. Too bad they were flanked by NBA rookies and other posers who got too cocky before they assessed their opponents' skills.

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