Monday, August 02, 2004

The Pope Says: feminism weakens family and promotes homosexuality

From The Herald (Scotland)
"A damning critique of modern feminism from the Vatican yesterday was published with the blessing of Pope John Paul II. The 37-page document, On The Collaboration Of Men And Women In The Church And In The World, accuses the feminist revolution of “antagonism” and of creating a spirit of competition between men and women.
The Pope will send the report to every Catholic bishop in the world. It marks another move by the church to solidify traditional family life and Christian values."

If I were the Pope, I'd completely avoid mentioning the word homosexual.
Sure, plenty of priests are gay, but for the Catholic church, the word "homosexual" is too often connected with the word "pedophile."
Being gay is no crime, but being a pedophile is and should be a crime.
Rather that issuing edicts that shame and condemn women for not being docile and subservient enough to men, seems to me the Pope ought to cast his faltering eyesight toward his own flock of philandering, gay (and straight) kiddy rapists.
When a woman's feminism leads her toward homosexuality, there are no multi million dollar jury awards to her victims. There are no victims.
With some Roman Catholic churches having to declare bankruptcy due to the cost of litigation settlements arising over pedophilia verdicts against their priests, the Pope is in no position to judge anything ordinary adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms.
The Catholic church is suffering a decline in membership and hardships in recruiting clergy. Why? Because they are still operating with 19th century tenets, refusing to evolve.
The bishops lined up to take Pope JP's place once he dies are his proteges. None show a scintilla of promise in terms of bringing the church into the 21st century.
With dinosaurs, a failure to evolve resulted in extinction.
At the rate the church is going, the next Catholic pontiff may as well call himself Pope T Rex.

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