Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Just a Hint?

Mom! Dad! It's The FBI!
New York vs The Protesters
Mayor Bloomberg's Latest Objection To Central Park Anti-War Rally
As The Convention Nears, Street People Disappear
You, Too, Could Be A Suspected Terrorist
The Press And Police: Together We Keep The Country Safe From Anarchy
FBI Tracks Potential GOP Protesters
Squelching protest/The great American hush-up
What Can The Arts Do In The Face Of The RNC?
Indie Filmmakers Look For Drama At The Convention, Halter

Links to these articles came from Bushwatch in my morning e-mail.
Looks like my earlier Blogs about people wanting to send the Bush Republicans a message at the convention may have had a hint of truth to them.
The Barcodie set may say, "Yeah, the Village Voice, what do you expect?"
Uhh, the Voice is a well-read, local newspaper in the liberal venue the GOP selected for their convention.
If the RNC had to select NYC for their convention site so they could wring the maximum political juice from 9/11, they should be prepared to accept the consequences.
And... I think consequences may be the key word.

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