Monday, August 23, 2004

Pots n' Kettles

When he was running, if Draft Dodger Bill Clinton's supporters would have attacked the war record of his then-opponent, war hero Bob Dole, with the same vitriol as Draft Dodger George W. Bush's supporters have attacked war hero John Kerry, the right wing would have crucified Clinton.

Since we seem to be running this campaign based on events that happened 30 years ago, I think Bush should step forward and be urine tested to see if he's the same drug and booze addled layabout he was back then.

Come on, think about it.
Bush talks like he's high and he acts like an irrational, mean drunk.
What makes anyone think he's not acting like many an untreated addict or alcoholic and hiding his addictions now?

and convince us he's not still using.

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