Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Four More Years of Hell

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Aug. 2) -- Teresa Heinz Kerry, the outspoken wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, told a rally Monday evening exactly what she thinks of the prospect of a second Bush term.
With a Bush supporter chanting ''Four more years! Four more years!'' through a bullhorn from the back of a park, the candidate's wife stopped herself to respond.
''They want four more years of hell,''
The pro-Kerry crowd erupted in applause and began its own chant: ''Three more months! Three more months.''

Now- what's the difference between a Kerry rally and a Bush rally?

Hecklers are not allowed at Bush rallies.
Even mainstream news photographers have their ethnicity questioned before they are allowed near Bush or his cronies.
People have to show ID and sign pledges that they support Bush before they are even allowed to listen to him speak.
People who buy tickets to hear Bush speak are not allowed to even wear T-shirts that don't endorse Bush, lest they get arrested.
It's all been documented.
The first amendment that allows us the right to free speech is not enforced in this regime, in fact, it's looked upon as an inconvenience by a paranoid Bush and his secretive administration.

Kerry understands that a free society must allow for assholes with bullhorns to disrupt things.
A free society was created to allow for the views of assholes, not for those with whom we agree.

Was it rude and unfair for some GOP asshole with a sense of entitlement and a bullhorn to disrupt Kerry's rally?
Yes, but we've come to expect that from an administration like this. I'm just glad we'll soon have a first lady who puts assholes like this bullhorn guy in their place.
Meanwhile, we have to tolerate three more months of this:
Agree with Bush- you get to have rights.
Disagree with Bush? Go fuck yourself.

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