Friday, August 27, 2004

GOP: Conventional Haiku

Swift boat veterans
Were not so swift after all
Used Bush's lawyer

The Bush twins will speak
Nervous, they will need lotsa
Cocaine and liquor

At the convention
Expect to see some great acts
Like Gatlin Brothers

Poor New York City
Filled with rich, white pigs
Bush calls them his base

Bush: he'll keep us safe
If we obey all his rules
fuckin' dictator

Bush: war president
Then he's Bush: peace president
Which is it, asshole?

Laura Bush will speak
Condi had to write her speech
Bland leading the bland?

Fox News is giddy
A whole week of telling lies
Payoffs for Murdoch!

We'll watch coverage
And we'll all wonder about
Why everyone's white

For a real good time
Watch the convention on TV
With Noelle Bush, stoned

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