Monday, August 04, 2008

Asking For What I Wanted

I love my new job.Love it!
I report to Tony the CEO and Lynne the president, and both are so wonderful I just want to put them in flour tortillas and gobble them up.
Our ritzy corporate offices are still being decorated, so we're all working from home and keeping in touch via e-mail, phone and conference calling.
For now it's a 7-day work week, but it's cut up into little chunks of an hour here, three hours there and a half hour there. It gives me plenty of time to think between rounds.
On Friday night, Tony and I chatted on the phone until after 11, but it was fun talk--brainstorming, story telling and a lot of laughter.
Can you imagine bosses who constantly ask for your opinions, then actually listen? Heaven.

At the risk of sounding like I'm channeling fellow blogger FranIAm, I have to tout the value of having faith.
For the last nine months I've been virtually unemployed except for a sales job I was offered that didn't appeal to me and a few writing assignments that fell into my lap.
As my savings started to dwindle, I didn't panic, I just upped my prayers and enlisted the prayers of family and friends to make this job appear for me.
My desire was to work for a civic-minded, for-profit business with great potential for earnings, both for the company and myself.
And that's exactly what prayers brought me.

Having faith and praying earnestly for this great opportunity worked for me, and I cannot recommend the power of faith and prayer for anyone who believes in a higher power.

And even if you don't believe, God doesn't care. Just fake it till you make it.


dguzman said...


Anonymous said...

Oh jeezzzzzz.

Karen, i love you and think you're adorable and been leaving encouraging notes in the past.... but prayers?????

Like, there's some entity around that cares if 1 out of 5.5 BILLION people on our little mudball, many of whom are both starving and praying themselves to NOT be starving, and you think there's a divine entity out there actually paying attention and making sure that next month you're going to be able to afford kitty litter, milk, and rice-a-roni and all the other essentials of life?

Dream on... oh dear. oh dear indeed.... I was in a church with a sick friend last month and they were praying for someone who had liver cancer. Maybe it was part of God's PLAN for this person to GET liver cancer... and my friend has Alzheimers.

Why do people hang onto blatant superstitions instead of chalking it up to themselves and luck?

I have to go throw up now.

karenzipdrive said...

I can't recall a time I've ever blogged about having faith in a higher power or prayer, but I've always had a deeply spiritual side that has served me through a shitload of trials and tribulations.
Call it prayer, positive thinking, creative visualization- whatever you want- but it works for me whenever I lean into it, and that's all there is to it.
So there!

bigsis said...

Positive thinking in any form, including prayer, is very powerful. The luck comes in when you think of all the awful places on earth you could have been born.

cynical said...

Congrats on the great new gig, Zipmistress!

FranIAm said...

Well, well, well- anonymous speaks just like so many other anonymous folks... Say something bold and do not identify yourself.


What is the old saying about faith- to those who have it, it need not be explained. To those who don't, no explanation is satisfactory.

You know that I am very delighted that this has worked out for you. Thanks be, in my opinion anyway, to God!

Whatever gets one through is what is important. Worship a pencil, worship nothing - but dear Anonymous, please respect others.

Dusty said...

Well fuck me running.

I pray every day of my life, and multiple times when I need to.

I believe, if nothing else, it will give me strength to make it over the fucking hump. I might very well be talking to no one but myself, don't know and I damn sure don't care.

Life throws us a lot of curve balls..and ya need something to help ya suck it up and deal.

As Zippy it what you fucking makes no never mind.

But..DO NOT knock another persons method of coping mean-spirited fucktard.

Really loved this Zippy. thanks chica. ;)

Dusty said...

oh and I am SO damn jealous.but I will live vicariously through lots of bloggy goodness ok sista woman? ;p

Distributorcap said...

positive thinking