Friday, August 08, 2008

"Well, I Fucked Her, But I Didn't Love her"

Recent revelations that John Edwards carried on a sexual affair while his wife Elizabeth was battling cancer throws him onto the heap of politicians who should be horsewhipped, then tied up and gang-ignored for the rest of his slime ball life.
I somehow doubt this was his first affair.
I mean, if he'd cheat on a dying wife who left her chemo chair to campaign for him, I would imagine cheating on a strong, healthy partner would be a snap.
You expect characters like Bill Clinton to cheat.
I mean, he's basically poor trailer trash birthed from an alcoholic single mother from Arkansas; and I suspect Hillary isn't exactly a lady in the parlor and a whore in the bedroom.
But Edwards?
Wasn't he supposed to be the ultimate family man with the feminist consciousness of Gloria Steinem and the emotional sensitivity of Alanis Morrissette?
Yeah, well--bullshit.
I'm just glad Obama didn't choose him as his vice president.
And now with this news, Edwards will never be in any position to embarrass an Obama administration.

John Edwards: Just One More Rat Bastard Politician.


bigsis said...

Too bad. I liked what he had to say, although it was probably all bullshit he didn't really believe in. But I had no doubt he was a playah because of the hair and plastic appearance.

I wonder if he'll end up dumping his wife, like McCain and Gingrich did.

Loved the thing about Hillary as a lady or whore, HA.

karenzipdrive said...

Well, at least Edwards spared his wife the indignity of having to sit next to him while he confessed on national TV.

bigsis said...

The pundits are all but vomiting on camera over Edward's repugnant behavior. Someone needs to serve them up a steaming plate of McCain-did-exactly-the-same-thing and see if they can hold that down. Where's the outrage against that nasty old bastard?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I think the media and everyone else refuses to even consider McCain as a sexual being because he's so old and gross.
Edwards, however, is still pretty handsome and fuckable, so people can just imagine him still being able to get it up and that image pisses them off because of his poor wife, not to mention it ruining his Boy Scout image.

FranIAm said...

It makes me ill but sex and power are interconnected and what is politics but power? Power and narcissism? The perfect recipe for a cocktail of infidelity.

I hate that he did this, but I hate our nation's obsession with sex. Politicians boink interns, hookers, other men in toilets, with diapers and who knows what else.

I am bored with it all.

Now lying- that is another matter and a greater transgression IMO.

Anonymous said...

Please don't ever use the words McCain and s*e*x in the same sentence. It sends shivers down my spine. Not the good kind either.

You know how pleased I am. It's like Edwards broke up with me twice!

Okay - I love the phrase "gang ignored!" I'm going to have to borrow that one.

Distributorcap said...

i just enjoyed the comments

bigsis said...

MSNBC just grilled Edwards' campaign stooges whether his career is over, etc. They said essentially that in time things will settle down, there are others who have done the same and are doing well in politics. The interviewer blatantly dared them to say who it is that did the same thing and is doing well in politics. I was screaming at the tv for them to give up McCain's name. But they didn't. Where am I Pakistan, Cuba, some third world hole in the ground that kills people for speaking the unspeakable about their beloved elected officials?

McCain dumped his wife who was left scarred and obese from an auto accident, to marry the young, rich Cindy. He's as big a pig as Edwards, period.

Sonia said...

hello, I kind of agree with "franiam" and this obsession with sex is ridiculous.
What bothers me is that Edwards trashed Bill Clinton during the Lewinski affair and he is just the same.